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5 Coffee Substitutes That Are Just as Energizing as the Real Thing

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In the United States, about 107 million adults drink coffee every day. There are pros and cons to drinking coffee, but if you're thinking of quitting, you may be wondering what some good coffee substitutes are. Thankfully, there are plenty of them out there that are just as easy to get. Check out our guide now! Dark Chocolate If you ever needed a reason to eat more chocolate, this is it. Dark chocolate is a great coffee substitute as it will help to give you an extra energy boost. There are small amounts of caffeine in dark chocolate, but it's just enough to provide some energy and keep you alert. Dark chocolate also has a property in it called theobromine which will help to boost your energy. In addition to that, it can also help keep your brain sharp Homemade Hot Chocolate Hot chocolate tastes great in the winter, but what if you start drinking it all the time? Instead of coffee, try making some hot chocolate at home. When you make it yourself, put in cacao powder, which will help stimulate your body. It'll help give you more energy without giving you the crash and tiredness later. Plus, it just tastes great in hot chocolate! Energy Drinks If you've tried to quit drinking coffee before, you've most likely stumbled into the land of energy drinks. Depending on the energy drink you get, they could actually be good for you as well. For example, check out USANA. Energy drinks have caffeine in them (like coffee), but they do have a different taste if coffee wasn't really your thing. Protein Shakes For the athletes, you've probably already had a protein shake at some point after a grueling workout. Protein helps the body rebuild your muscles and gives you energy. When you don't eat enough protein, your body might start to feel tired and worn down because it doesn't have what it needs to repair itself. Drinking a protein shake is a great way to blast your body with protein and give it all the nutrients it needs. In addition to helping you stay energized, it can also help you build up your strength. You can purchase protein powder to add to your shakes, and you can also make them any type of flavor you want. Apple Cider Vinegar Lastly, apple cider vinegar can also be helpful in keeping you awake. This type of vinegar will stop making you feel so tired because it has so many B Vitamins in it and probiotics that are linked to giving you more energy. It may not taste the best, but it can also help your immune system and calm your digestive system. Instead of drinking it by itself, you can also pour some water in it to help dilute the strong taste. Discover More Coffee Substitutes These are only a few of the coffee substitutes out there, but there are so many more. It seems like there are always new studies coming out on whether or not coffee is good for you, but we can help you stay on top of the latest health trends! If you enjoyed this article, make sure that you explore our website to find more just like this one! Read more »

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21 Jul 2020

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WHAT MAKES BLACKS RESISTANT TO CORONAVIRUS INFECTION The World Health Organization (WHO) is scaling up preparedness efforts for the coronavirus disease, now known as COVID-19, in the African region and supporting countries there to implement the recommendations of the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee, which met in Geneva, Switzerland on 30 January. On the advice of the Emergency Committee, the WHO Director-General, declared the COVID-19 outbreak a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). More recently, the WHO Regional Office for Africa was represented at an emergency meeting of the Minsters of Health in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on 14 February. Ministers resolved to strengthen coordination and cooperation among Member States, enhance surveillance measures at points of entry, increase public awareness efforts, and to develop a regional preparedness plan. At you can get pain pills without a Prescription +1 (302) 393-5477 The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population has confirmed the first case of COVID-19 in Africa to the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean. While so far there have been no confirmed cases reported of the coronavirus disease among the 47 member states in the WHO African Region, fragile health systems and links between China and the African continent mean that the threat posed by this new virus is considerable. The WHO Regional Office for Africa is supporting Member States prepare for a potential case of COVID-19 in a number of ways. WHO has dispatched experts to countries believed to be at higher risk of an outbreak of coronavirus to assist in areas including case management, surveillance and early detection. Across the continent, WHO is working to increase the capacity of national laboratories to detect COVID-19 by supplying reagents, testing equipment and training for staff. Essential personal protective equipment has also been dispatched by WHO to some countries in Africa. Read more »

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15 May 2020

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Photocopiers/Multifunctional devices

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Hi Guys, Just a quick email whilst we are in lockdown to inform you that we are a nationwide supplier of FREE Photocopier/Office solutions to charities/NHS & Schools. Brands include Konica/Ricoh/HP. See our website for details; and no there isn’t a catch all you pay for are the copies/prints. Stay safe and well. Best wishes Trevor M 0800 988 6225 Read more »

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10 Apr 2020

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