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From 2 January - 1 February Mark and I will be doing dry January and instead making a donation to a charity we already support called the Manna Society

The Manna Society is a small charity that provides help for the poor, homeless and vulnerable. Many of the 150-200 people who use its daily drop-in service at London Bridge have undergone much hardship in life.

The Manna provides a different experience – an open door, few questions asked, flexible and practical help with compassion and tolerance. In this environment and with the right approach, the real person can emerge from beneath the ‘street-wise’ stereotype.

Below is an example of one of the many people the charity has helped 

Barry arrived in London from his hometown after a childhood of abandonment by his parents and the experience of abuse in children’s homes. He didn’t learn to read and write very well and wasn’t able to hold down a job for long. In his late teens he began to develop schizophrenia – finding it hard to concentrate and organise his thoughts, hearing critical and derogatory voices and believing that he was under surveillance and being persecuted by others. In reality he also experienced much rejection and discrimination, which only made things worse. 

Drinking heavily, leaving hostel accommodation when his fear became unbearable and keeping others at arm’s length became his survival strategies and led to a life of street homelessness for twenty years.  

Over four years of contact with the team at the Manna (a place that unconditionally accepted him and to which he kept returning), he finally took up the offer of supported accommodation and began to receive treatment for his mental health problems. 

The Manna Society use Charity Choice as their online donation facility. 

Charity Choice has no administration fees, and you can choose also to pay the card transaction fee so Manna receives your entire donation. You also have the option of reclaiming Gift Aid and adding it to your donation.  

Please support the Manna Society by sponsoring us  – it regularly transforms the lives of people like Barry

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