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Hi - I'm Stuart Pickles.  I am supporting a community project in South Africa run by the charity Khulisa, in a Johannesburg township of half a million people,  where poverty, drugs, crime, HIV, suicide and other social dysfunction are major issues.    Khulisa has established a project here to develop community youth activity (“Ubuntu Clubs”) for 16-20 year olds in order to steer them away from crime and encourage them to join in work to build better community spirit (“Ubuntu”) and quality of life.

Funding is required to develop robust, concrete and meaningful skills development, training and emotional support.    It will focus on career guidance and equipping them with the skills to help them into employment, including things like relationship management and leadership skills development, as well as supporting them to focus on their school studies and develop their personal resilience (eg. “silence the violence” programme which helps kids move beyond the violence they have experienced and rebuild their lives).   

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