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My name is Steve Wearne.  I am self-employed, running a small computer company in Porthleven, where I also live.  I'm married to Andrea and have a large family including 5 grandchildren!

My leisure interests are varied, including music, which has always played a very big part in my life.  Indeed, in a previous career I was a full-time musician in the Royal Air Force.  I also enjoy 'very amateur' photography and practice this regularly as a bit of a twitcher... I particularly enjoy feeding, watching and photographing the wild birds in our garden all year-round.

Another lifelong interest is walking and this forms the basis of my fundraising event for NCI.  As a member of this great, voluntary organisation, I and my fellow Watchkeepers man the Lookout at the Bass Point Station on The Lizard 7 days a week at various times seasonally.  We are equipped with radar and a whole host of technology and other sighting and maritime monitoring equipment / resources... all of which need maintaining, updating and replacing at various times.  Then there is the Lookout itself, situated "in the teeth of the gale" and at the mercy of everything that our weather can throw it!

In summary, I wish to help my Station raise some funds in an ever-increasing battle to stay afloat financially... the cost, annually, of running the station is enormous and our work looking out for those both at sea and on the coastal path is way too important to lose, as anyone who goes to sea or walks the coastal paths particularly will endorse.

I can only thank you in advance for any donation, whether large or small, because I assure you every pound counts in a charity which is totally dependent on public support and with no government or official funding of any nature.

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