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Ikenna Mathew Okpara

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Edinburgh , Midlothian

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hello everyone

I am okpara mathew ikenna, from nigeria but living and working in edinburgh, scotland. I moved here in 2010 and have been volunteering for charities over 4yrs now.  as i chil from less developed country i understand how it is to grow up having nothin and being faced with illnesses and vulnerable to disasters,  it is by this that i started getting involved in charities to help children faced with one problem or the other, who can not actually help themselves and through this charity these children can be properly reached and smiles are put on their faces. As a volunteer for 2 charities presently; save the children and unicef i try to fundraise to help this charity reach children around the world. I am presently organising a football game off between both charity to help raise funds for children.

  Apart from my charity activities are find time to do other hobbies like football with friends , bowling, pool, volleyball.

  Thanks for all your support and any support you are willing to provide and be sure that all proceed goes directly to the charities for the main purpose is meant to

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