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Hi everyone, please read as I have never done this before: on 1st October 2014, I am giving up drinking for the month of October (scary, I know!) to raise money for Neo-Natal in memory of my gorgeous nephew who we lost on 3rd October last year after just 17 days with us. He was the tiniest thing, but he fought so hard.

Not only that, Chesterfield Royal Hospital saved my sister's life during the birth as she haemmorraged and had to have a full blood transfusion. The intensive care and support that she was given needs recognition and we need to ensure there is enough money to continue this important work in the future.

I would very much appreciate if you chosen ones could sponsor me and will set up a Just Giving page for you to make donations. We are trying to reach a £10k target and we're about £6.5 at the moment. I desperately want to show my sis what support we can gather for the cause. There are 12 of us giving up drinking, so that's gotta count for something!

Will promise to keep you up to date on my non drinking in Sober October! Thanks in advance for your support!

Sam xx

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