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Affiliate marketing involves cooperation between online partners. These are affiliates and merchants who come together in the so-called affiliate network and enter into a partnership. An affiliate network is a platform on which various partner programs are offered. Merchants and affiliates come together here and can communicate via the platform. The tracking of the campaigns and the evaluation are provided by the operator of the affiliate network.

The affiliates are the website operators who integrate the advertising material on their websites. They do the actual advertising and convey potential customers to the operator of the affiliate campaign. The affiliates are therefore the sales partners of the merchants because they "distribute" advertising space on their websites. Affiliates receive a commission for successfully mediating a customer after the partner program has been set up. Affiliates are sometimes referred to as publishers or associates.

The merchants are the advertisers. They are online retailers who offer products or services such as call recorder on the Internet and are therefore looking for customers and prospects. You define the rules of the partner program and define the conditions. Your goal is to find affiliates who integrate the advertising material and thus point out the partner program. The affiliates then receive a remuneration from the merchants for the mediation.

A cooperation between affiliates and merchants only makes sense if there is a certain topic relevance between the website of the affiliate and the publisher. The affiliate program must match the affiliate's website to ensure that visitors are not "freaked out". In addition, the merchant is of course interested in getting only potential customers from his target group onto his own website.

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