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Some of the charities closest to my heart are those that i already actively support elsewhere and have for nearly 20 years of my life in various ways.

These include;

CANCER RESEARCH UK - Having lost my mum to breast cancer and transfered secondary liver cancer I have completed several 10k / 5k walks and participated in 2 days climbing for the 3 Peaks Challenge for four years running.

BOWEL CANCER UK - Having tirelessly supported my friend Mark Davies (dyslexic) who was a Bowel Cancer Sufferer surviving due to latest treatments I helped him write, edit and self publish a book to raise further money for Bowel Cancer UK.

Mark's book provides a synopsis through the use of encouraging humour to explain to cancer patients what they can expect before, during and after treatment, Mark went on to become a key speaker at Liverpool Royal Hospital advising nurses and medical staff of his experience,

Mark's book is now used widely both UK-wide and internationally as an educational guide to patients themselves undergoing bowel cancer treatment.

MARK DAVIES (Bowel Cancer)

KIDNEY RESEARCH UK- Having been born with one working kidney and undergoing a kidney infection on my remaining kidney as a child. I spent years in and out of hospitals having treatments. Since my early teens I became a supporter for this charity. Throughout my 20s and 30s to this day I have dedicated a tremendous amount of time to combing the streets for 8 hours a day at weekends selling merchandise for the charity and raising a high daily average for the charity from doing so.

GUIDE DOGS FOR THE BLIND - I have through youth charity work become very familiar with this charity and the extremely notable good work they do in enriching the lives of those who would otherwise spend their time feeling isolated and alone with immobilisation and darkness. I grew very close 2 two people who suffered with blindness, one from birth the other from an accident I had the honour of watching them grow in confidence and life when both were provided with guidedogs who enriched their lives, brought them much-loved companions and brought light into the otherwise veil of darkness they survived within. I have actively been involved in walks and other fundraisers for the charity including donating part of my salary every month to the organisation.

Having been the main charity organiser for I have arranged and participated in events from mountain climbing, walking, running, swimming and cycling along with specialised events regularly raising funds for:


Children in Need, NSPCC, Help The Aged, National Autistic Society, SCOPE, Animal Rights Society, MEDCAP, Mental Health Research UK, Young Minds, Breast Cancer UK, Womens Aid, Stand Against Violence and many more.

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