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Abi and I are doing this challenge for three reasons:

1. To challenge ourselves to do something with friends that is physically demanding so that we will learn something about ourselves. Our determination, our persistence, our stamina and our indomitable spirit within. It can be very revealing! 90 miles in 6 days across some rugged and beautiful terrain might not sound too daunting, but by day 3, you have to dig deep believe me!

2. There is the chance that it might actually be good for us and make us fitter.

3. We may be able to convince you to part with some of your hard-earned readies to support local causes.

We hope you will enjoy the blogs about our progress, blisters, harmony and camaraderie, not the ones where we swear at each other, refuse to get up in the morning, argue and bicker through tiredness and fatigue.

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