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Over the past two years Challenge Q has been steadily growing in size. 2010 saw qedites run a double marathon from our Maidenhead offices to our London offices; 2011 was the year our team skipped across the channel to our French colleagues at Oresys and cycled the 300km back to London over two days. What could they possibly do to take it to the next level??


This year Challenge Q has gone global!


From 18th – 19th May 2012, qedis, alongside 6 other companies around the world, will be taking part in a wide variety of challenging activities for a full 24 hours! Over the same day colleagues and friends in companies in the USA, France, Australia, Italy, Germany and Spain have all signed up to cycling, running, horse riding, beach volleyball, rowing, football, kickball and mountain climbing events to name a few.


Qedis will be racing, running, dancing and ping-ponging among other things, for a whole day (all through the night!) in order to raise money for CalibreMinds, a fantastic charity working to support young people in inner London.


CalibreMinds runs workshops and programs specifically for young people from the ages of 8 – 18 and 19 – 30. They work tirelessly to imbibe these young people with a greater sense of self-belief and surety of their ability. Their overall aim is to equip them with the knowledge and resources to take their place as valuable members of society.


To help us raise as much as possible for this worthwhile cause, we need you to support the fantastic efforts made by our teams. They will give up their time, sleep and even dignity (and that’s just in training!) to undertake these exciting feats of endurance. To find out what each of our qedites will be up to and how to sponsor them – please visit the individual team pages below.

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Total money raised so far: £17,416.07