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Hi all. My name is Pol and I work as a tree surgeon in London, UK. The company which is my current employer is called Fantastic Gardeners. We specialise in all kinds of operations related to garden work. As an arborist in London it is my duty to help people by pruning, shaping or removing their trees.

Pruning jobs are the most requested both for health and safety reasons. Trees need regular removal of old or dead branches to grow better and stronger. On the other hand the old and dead branches can become a threat to locals during heavy winds or rainfalls. All in all itís a services which always brings two benefits.

Iím proud to say we make London a more beautiful place by shaping crowns of trees on different properties. We also do high reduction if needed. When all the trees in the neighbourhood are properly maintained you are bound to notice the beauty.

Of course we wouldnít be real tree surgeons if we didnít do tree removals when needed.

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