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London Marathon

For Step And Learn

Apr 24 2017

Apr 27 2017

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I donít know why but Iíve decided to walk the London Marathon in late April. The plan is to start on the 24th April and walk for around 6.5 miles a day for 4 days. I know it will be tough and because of my CP itís important for me to continue walking so that my muscles donít seize up. Also, my energy stores deplete quicker, so lots of cake is needed! But at the end of the day itís a marathon, everyone finds them tough and Iím not one to give in easily! I have not taken this attempt lightly and have been working with a personal trainer, Tim Billings, since November. The charity that I am doing this for is Step and Learn and, over the years, the people involved have enabled me to be as independent as I am today! Independence is key for someone with a disability as it allows them to be ambitious and achieve things never thought possible!

Between me and a good friend Callum Jordan, who is running the Brighton Marathon in early April, we hope to raise a good amount of money so that the charity continues to help children who are in the same position I was in, too many years ago!

Any donation will be greatly appreciated! Thank you x

Event Location: London (Greater London)

Event Category: Active & Health > Walking

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