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How to Choose and Grow the Chosen Plants - Learn how to choose right variety of plants and what conditions those require for optimal growth and health


You can grow plants from seeds or purchase seedlings at the nearest plant nursery where you can find many cultivars. Is there a plant identification app? Yes, this is PlantSpot. Without app, purchase of a broccoli, tomato, potato and virtually any other seeds or seedlings may become a difficult task especially in deciding which one to choose.


In purchasing seeds or seedlings of your favorite vegetables and fruits you should keep in mind several things on which greatly depend your final success. One of the factors that you should always keep in mind is climate and local weather conditions. To make your decision easier inform yourself about the plants that grow well in your neighborhood. If you intend to grow plants from seeds you should perhaps avoid hybrids seeds because hybrids are generally more vulnerable to pests and diseases. Besides that you cannot save seeds from hybrids and need to purchase new ones for each planting. When purchasing a seedling you should also inspect it carefully before bringing it home.


Choosing plant appropriate for your area and climate may seem very difficult task but it is nothing in compare to growing plants. Each plant requires different conditions what means different soil texture (the vast majority of plant prefer neutral or low acid soil), moisture, direct sunlight and pest control, while very important is also to know which plants are good companions. To become a successful gardener and to maximize your yield you have to be educated about plants you grow or intend to grow in your garden very well. A lot has been written about how to grow plants and you can find a lot of good books about gardening and food plants at the nearest library or bookshop. It also may be very helpful to consult with an experienced gardener.

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