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Womens Aid East & Midlothian Limited.

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IMAGINE feeling like you are constantly walking on eggshells never able to say or do the right thing, not having the freedom to spend time or pick up the phone to your friends or family when you are upset or need help, not having access to money to buy food or clothing for yourself or your children, never getting the chance to sleep one single night without worry or assault, not being able to hug your children to provide comfort when they are upset, having to live a life of constant lies through shame and embarrassment.  This is what life feels like every moment of every day for many women living in our communities, and this only gives you just a small flavour of what it is like to live with domestic abuse


Women’s Aid East and Midlothian works across the area providing a support and temporary accommodation to women (including transwomen), children and young people who are impacted by domestic abuse.   We really need your support is to ensure that we can continue to deliver our service and provide opportunities for that empower women to ensure they and their children can live a life without fear of harm and abuse.  


I am fundraising for this wonderful charity as personal challenge. My challenge is walking 57 Miles over 2 days and playing 6 games of Rugby East Lothian on the 2ndrd and 3rdth May



Your donation will make a huge difference to the Women & Children we support


You can donate online at


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