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As a Motivational Speaker, I work with many charities and non profits around the globe to help them raise awareness about their objectives. My goal is to help these organizations raise more funds so that they can continue to do the great work they are doing. I have done speaking engagements at such organizations as:

  • Susan G Komen
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • Charity Water
  • St. Jude
  • Childfund International

And many more

I am a big believer in supporting these causes and will continue to do so (many pro-bono).

Here is more about me:

John has been a full-time  professional speaker and innovative team builder for almost two decades.  His business is personal development and non-traditional team-building  programs. Johnís clients include some of the worldís largest  corporations and associations. Groups such as the Young Presidents'  Organization (YPO), Project Management Institute (PMI), Bell, and  Honeywell have all benefitted from Johnís programs. John is a  keynoter, team builder, and author.  He has developed program solutions  across industries in leadership, structured mentoring, team building,  staff motivation, personal development, and quality improvement.  John  is the author of over 16 books, plus audio CDs, educational programs,  interactive CD-ROMs, board games, card games, apps, and full-length  DVDs.  His training materials have been sold worldwide, and he has  delivered several thousand high-energy keynotes and train-the-trainer  programs internationally.

As a motivational speaker, John has spoken to  groups ranging in number from 20 to 5,000.  He delivers a professional  presentation that ensures that the message is designed with the  audienceís learning in mind.  Johnís electric energy on stage is second  to noneĖin fact some say he is our planetís answer to alternative  energy.  Working with John as a team builder and keynoter is  fun.  Whether he brings his 9-hole mini golf course, paints and canvas,  or remote control cars, his bag of tricks always delivers a great time!  

Johnís team events are high energy and information packed.  John  works diligently beforehand along-side your team leads to ensure the  delivery of consistent and powerful messages that resonate with your  team.Finally, a description of John would not be complete  without a word about his greatest source of affluence: family. 

John is  a loving husband to Ashley, a teacher, and proud father of Samantha and Sara, his beautiful little girls.  John and Ashley look forward to  building a loving family and continuing to make a difference in their quiet seaside community.

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