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This letter comes direct from the heart, the heart of someone, who is now 40 years old and who, some twelve years ago made a conscious decision to change his life style, from one of being rather selfish and self-centred to one who wanted to assist others.

As a result I have, since making that decision, been working in the care environment and have been fortunate enough to have been involved in a wide variety of opportunities to assist those less fortunate than myself and others. During this time I have seen many cases of poverty, as well as young adults struggling to make their way in life and it has sadden me to see how desperate some of these people have become. It is my deep felt belief that we all deserves the same opportunities in life, even if some require a little help on the way and I feel that since I have been involved in this type of vocation I have assisted many to take the right steps towards a better future for themselves and those close to them.


I have worked extremely hard to obtain the correct academic qualifications to enable me to achieve my aims in this arena; as a result, with my counselling and the charity work I undertake, I have gained tremendous satisfaction, just knowing that I am able to help someone. Although I remain mindful that I cannot save the whole world, however hard I try?

I am ready to take what I feel is the next step in my education and I feel motivated to work on the streets with those youths who find themselves in this unenviable position as I feel that my strength and skills come to the fore whilst empowering youths to achieve their potential, working closely within their communities. 

I want to help and hopefully make a difference in some of the most poverty stricken areas of the world even if in some cases it can only be in the short term. I have therefore, at my own expense, volunteered to travel to Nepal, live with a host family, helping them to farm their land as well as becoming involved with and assisting the local community.

I am determined, that at this time of my life I should be working towards helping those who find it most difficult to help themselves, even if this means

my going where the hardest to reach groups are, digging holes if necessary or working with their communities.


I have taken a good look at where my future lies and what direction it needs to take to enable me to continue my experience in this field and I honestly believe that this is the direction I need to go which at the same time will enable others to benefit from my assistance and therefore enhance their life as it will mine. 

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