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Hi everyone , me and my partner Mathew have decided to do a skydive to help raise money for the rainbow trust .The rainbow trust is a charity that help support families of children that are seriously ill . They provide emotional and practical support to families and children who have a life threatening or terminal illness. Today there are estimated 49.000 thousand children and young people living in the U.K. with life limiting or life threatening conditions Who may require palliative care.

£10 - pays for a basic sensory toy to help a terminally ill child with special needs.

£23 - provides an hours emotional and practical support to a family caring for a terminally ill child.

£161 - pays for a days visit from a family support worker , which allows parents to do chores , look after other family members , relax or simply sleep .

Please join us in supporting this great cause , any amount will help even if you can just donate a £1.

Thank you so much

Lorah and Mathew 

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