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As my 40th birthday fades to a happy but distant memory and my 50th is looming ever closer, I've decided to take the leap (literally) and do something that I've secretly wanted to do for a long time. Severasl years ago I was lucky enough to be able to do an indoor freefall jump at AirKix which i thoroughly enjoyed. However, it was only ever a substitute for the real thing! So...this year, on 23rd June on my last day of being 47 I will be jumping out of a plane with a hunky man (fingers crossed) and a parachute on my back!!

Am I scared....yes! Am I excited....oh yes!!

So that my experience can help to improve someone elses life and not just be a huge adrenaline rush I'm jumping in aid of Parkinsons Disease and the Crohns & Colitis Society - two causes very close to my heart. My dear dad suffered with Parkinsons Disease for several years before he passed away. It would be lovely if my donation could help someone like him have a better quality of life and lessen the 'locked -in' symptoms of this cruel condition and I know he'll be watching me on the day.... I was diagnosed with Colitis in my early 20's and over the years have experienced numerous medicines, a couple of hospital admissions and numerous embarassing situations. Hopefully my donation will stop someone else having the same experience.

Any donations however small...or large are very gratefully received. Hair raising pics will be posted on my Facebook page.

Thank you xx 

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