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Working as an online life coach, I am truly passionate about helping people from all over the world change their lives. I have been directly involved with many coaching organizations that are committed to providing the best charitable work in helping those families or communities that truly need assistance. One of the main things we support people with is helping them become more self disciplined so they can build more confidence.

Life Coaching Builds Confidence

I truly believe that if you work with the right person, you can gain a great deal of confidence. That if you practice enough times, it will get easier and you will become better and confident at it. It gave me hope. And then I started looking back at my own life. Through my own experiences. That was not true. I was in a job that I found it was a very steep learning curve. After 10 years doing the same thing over and over again. I felt like I was getting worst at it. It was the same for athletic achievements. Felt like the longer I did it, the more I train, the more tired and exhausted I got, and my performances dropped.  But I think it's just me. Practice is suppose to make perfect and not worst.

Life Coaching Helps Your Mindset

What Dr. Joseph has taught me is that it's not because I'm lazy to finish my thesis, it's because I don't have the confidence to construct my own comprehension of my thesis topic. I used to think, "What's the point of writing thesis? Nobody's going to read it anyway. At least, that's what everybody is saying." So I started to plant those thoughts in my head that I might as well waste my time writing thesis when it's just for me to get a degree. Well obviously, yes, finishing my thesis is so I can graduate and get my dream job or my dreams  to come true. But it turns out that what people have been draining my mind into thinking that no one is going to read my thesis is just killing my confidence. So now, I've twisted my mind into thinking that I am going to write for myself and for my juniors who are having a hard time finishing their thesis as well. Thus, I am confident to write, finish, and publish it to the unknown!

Get Over Your Fears With A Life Coach

I played on my high school golf team all four years and I was so confident and motivated my freshman and sophomore year, but then when i made varsity junior and senior year the coach loved to put us down and tell players we sucked. My scores were best my sophomore year even though each year I hit the ball better than the last, but I was constantly reminded that I wasn't shit, and it was hard to overcome.

Everybody wants to be love and accepted, not realizing that you already are the love that you are seeking. Actually if you are saying to yourself, "I am the greatest" you are comparing yourself to others and only giving power to your false self. You don't need any believes but to realize that you are everything you are looking for in your being. We are one and there are enough people that separate than people that unify and heal. I will stay humble and awake seeing the truth, that everything is connected.

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