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I am 24 years old living in London, currently studying designer pattern cutting at London College of Fashion.

People always say charity begins at home, which I think is very true. It's a good place to start, helping one another out within your family. But I also think it is very important to help others who cant help themselves whether its close to home or anywhere around the world. I think if everyone in the world could donate a £1 a month to a chosen charity we could make a huge differnce within the world.

I am a very dedicated, caring & loving young lady, which will always make time for anyone, whether it's a friend who needs help, a stranger who just needs to talk, a animal in need of saving, or a homeless person who needs a hot drink.

I have never fundraised money before for charity & I think it's about time I put my skills into practice and start holding small events to help out various charities. My intensions are to raise as much money as i can for various children, animal, eldererly & health charities out there. 

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