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Hi i'm Katie Nesbit, I am 24 years old and live in Throckley, Newcastle Upon Tyne. I'm so hoping for an opportunity to get involved in volunteering my time, I'm looking to help with dog walking but anything else that I can do around animal care would be wonderful even caring for sick animals. I currently work with the elderly and don't do this full time due to chronic pain health problem, hoping to take my experience from this and use it in animal work. I have qualities like being caring, staying calm, communicating with owners, good on the phine. I love nothing more than being fully engaged with my own two springer spaniels even when they are mis behaving, I seem to be assertive and I know what I'm doing with them and feel right at home and comfortable around other people's dogs too. Hope to hear back to see if there are any opportunities. In my spare time I like baking bread, doing yoga and meditation. I'm setting up a meditation group next year and also I like to dance and family time is very important to me. 

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