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John Keedwell 30+ years in the film and TV business working as cinematographer, documentary cameraman and photographer. I have also written my book "Get the Message Now?!?"

Not many people know how to properly use a video camera effectively so they are losing a fantastic possibility to publicise their charity or cause. A good video can be a very powerful tool - if used correctly -  to generate a great deal of funds for your chosen charity. 

I founded the Epics Academy ( where I use my experience as cameraman to teach other in business how to control the camera, and use video as a powerful tool to get your message across to your audience. How well you do that determines the amount people want to give.

Should you have requirements for video and want to be able to be trained in the camera and lighting,sound and editing then please get in touch.

Keep up the great work. 

Best  - John Keedwell

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