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Antique Gas Stoves

The antique gas stoves did not gain popularity until around the 1880's. This holdup was due to the gas pipeline grid being delivered to each house in the larger cities. These natural gas stoves had assorted benefits over the wood stoves. With the wood stoves the whole surface top of the stove must be heated. The utilization of the piped natural gas cut down on the effort, time and price of locating and bringing in and then storage of the coal and wood into the house. Around the 1930's, the gas stoves the coal and wood stoves two to one. This was due of the action development of the propane gas being delivered to the homes and business sectors out side the cities. The propane gas stove was used for these households and buildings.

The antique gas stoves can be refinished or restored to operational condition. There are a sizable choice of businesses located over that provide this inspection and repair. Many businesses can provide the custom coloring of porcelain and the factory special colors. The porcelain is a higher temperature ceramic glaze. The glaze is fused upon the metal surface in a real high heat furnace. There is no other finishing that will hold up to the higher temperatures of a gas stove as easily as the porcelain will. This is often called the stove enamel. When repairing, the old coating of porcelain is removed. A new porcelain coat is applied and then baked on in the higher heat furnace. This operation is not to be confused with a pigment or even a powder coating. Not one of those works can be to hold up the heat of the gas stove and is not to be considered as a proper finish for a stove.


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