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Hello my name is jasmine baynes :) on the 1st of April i will be taking part in a charity sleepout in Milton keynes central to help raise money for the Winter Night Shelter. For those of you who dont know the winter night shelter provide a safe and comfortable enviroment for the homeless of Milton Keynes to have a hot meal, somewhere to stay overnight, bathing and cleaning areas and lockers for anything you'd need to keep safe all week for the 3 months it runs. The charity is run by volunteers who not only give people the chance of somewhere to stay they also help the guests get jobs and look for permanant accommodation. I am very grateful for the positioning am in having a home and a place to call my own which is safe, I have food and the facilities a lot of us take for granted everyday.. Without the work the WNS do so many of the guests would of been sleeping in bus stops or rough, please donate as much or as little as you can every little bit helps towards the work that everyone puts into giving people this little bit of hope.. Think of all the times you go out and buy food that is then chucked away or clothes u don't need wear once or twice and throw away any money u would spend on rubbish that u don't need please sponsor or donate to my page and do anything you can to help the less unfortunate people because at the end of the day they are human beings just like me and you and deserve our help as they are just down on their luck and I'd hope to think someone would help me 💕

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