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Hello! My name is James and I am from Huddersfield. My passion is outdoor events, in particular running. By setting up this page it is my aim to add a charitable ingredient to my love of competing. I will be participating in several events in 2015, of which I will keep you all posted. I am not the pestering or spamming type, I will however be encouraging my friends and loved ones, as well as strangers, to give whatever they feel comfortable to my chosen charities.

I have chosen 'Charity Choice' over sites such as 'Just Giving' for one reason: 'Charity Choice' doesn't take 1p from your donation, whereas 'Just Giving' does. For example, donating £10 through this site means £10 is going to the charity. Donating £10 through 'Just Giving' results in a 5% charge which they use to grow their business, among other things. However justified they are in doing this I believe your donation should go to the charity untainted and untouched. Hence 'Charity Choice'!

I firmly believe that with your help we can make a difference, and I look to our journey ahead!

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