George Norton

2016 Great Escape Hengistbury Hike

For Shine Cancer Support

Jan 31 2016

2016 Great Escape Hengistbury Hike photo

On the hike!

UPDATE: We all got around together, and everyone was incredible. It's difficult to explain just how important the Escape was; suffice to say that after experiencing it myself, I am adamant that every young adult with cancer should have the opportunity to go on something like this. With your support, more can!


I've been lucky enough to get a place on Shine Cancer Support's Great Escape in January 2016, where I'll have an opportunity to meet other young adults who have had cancer; to share stories, tips and experiences; and together to celebrate life!

We'll be taking on a hike on the final day, which will be a challenge of varying difficulty for Escapees, but by supporting each other, we'll all get through it together.

Please show your support for Shine by sponsoring our hike your donations will enable this wonderful charity to help more young adults facing the challenges, uncertainties and surprises of a cancer diagnosis!

Thank you: you're super :-D

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Money raised: £205.00

  • All the best Georgio! X

    Lauren, 24 Feb 2016

    £2.50 Gift Aid

  • Well done for the fundraising George and good luck at your new job!

    Sylvia Traganida, 24 Feb 2016

    £2.50 Gift Aid

  • Anonymous, 23 Feb 2016

    £1.25 Gift Aid

  • Well done George. You are a great inspiration. Best wishes from Heidi

    Heidi Finch, 21 Feb 2016

    £2.50 Gift Aid

  • Well done, George. Good on yer!

    Rob Miles, 09 Feb 2016

    £0.00 Gift Aid

  • George The Inspirer!

    Soo, 05 Feb 2016

    £2.50 Gift Aid

  • Well done George!

    Laura, 05 Feb 2016

    £2.50 Gift Aid

  • Congrats George. Good luck to you and thanks for everything!

    Joseph Chang, 04 Feb 2016

    £0.00 Gift Aid

  • Well done George. Inspirational.

    Tricia Wrinch, 04 Feb 2016

    £3.75 Gift Aid

  • Good luck George with the hike & thanks for being such a great inspiration with your deeds as well as your words xx

    Grace & Nicola Green & family, 22 Dec 2015

    £6.25 Gift Aid