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I'm Emma

Married to David, live with our very cute pussy cat Casper, run an online gift shop - Pemberleys Gifts -and run Pemberleys Cakes - I make special occasion cakes. I am also a trained photographer and spent my working career in sales and marketing.

I have been meaning to get charitable for some time now and it was after watching a documentary called Inside Brize Norton, I felt motivated to search for opportunities to fund raise for charities I believe need support.

My Dad was in the Army in the Royal Artillery for 23 years and I lived in Germany and attended forces schools. I have a natural affinity to anything British Forces. My brother went to Afghan throughout the conflicts for 6 months to assist in chef work on base at the height of conflict so I understand first hand the lives of servicemen/women and their families.

I don't mind what fundraising I do - I just want to make a difference for the rest of my life.

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Total money raised so far: £20.00


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