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I am a mother of 2 beautiful children, and am fortunate enough to also have a beautiful stepdaughter. I have always done bits of charity work here and there (volunteering, donating, runs etc.) although my new years resolution is to do as much as i can. over the last 3 years my father in law has died from cancer, my grandmother has had a severe stroke which has resulted in me leaving work to become her carer, and my daughter was born with benign infantile epilepsy. I am greatful for many areas of support i received through these tough times, from forums on websites to the people who advise you on how to move forward.

My passion is a company i set up (which is currently on hold due to the commitments i will shortly be faced with when caring for my grandmother) called 'Pretty as a Princess'. It is hair, makeup and nails with princess dress up and activities etc, which is usualy used for birthday parties and to raise money at the local school fayres. We accommodate for boys too (the little dudes) by way of shades, tattoos, spikey hair and coloured gel/sprays. I would love to get a shop and do this as a full time venture as im at my happiest when these 'parties' are taking place!

I enjoy football, family days out, photography and NCIS :)

I also design websites and stationary

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