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I am a keen ultra runner and a volunteer member of the Border Search and Rescue Unit in the Scottish Borders.  This last year I have run the 100km St Cuthbert's Way Ultra, which finished just near my home in the Scottish Borders.  I have also done the 80 km Grand Raid du Pyranees in France, The Jedburgh Dirty Double (an ultra followed by a half marathon the next day), the 135 mile Ring O' Fire in Wales, and am doing the Spine Race in January.  In October our team were invited to Italy to participate in the Dolomiti Rescue Race, a team race of search and rescue professionals from Italy (and two Scottish teams!).   All of my fundraising goes toward the Border Search and Rescue Unit.  We assist police in call outs for missing persons in the Borders, East Lotian and Edinburgh.  We are entirely staffed by volunteers, and the funds raised go towards our operating costs, rescue vehicles and equipment.  Please donate for this worthwhile cause, and I will keep on running ultras!

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Total money raised so far: £2,309.00


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