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Your thesis statement needs to outline a focused topic to avoid having a topic too big to discuss within my writing paper. If your thesis is too vague, youíre setting yourself up for an unfocused and rambling paper. If your thesis statement is too specific, however, you might run out of things too quickly. This is why picking a paper topic that isnít too vague or specific should be your first step before writing a single word of the paper. Then writing your thesis can help you organize your thoughts and test your paper topic.

Thesis statements announce to your audience what your paper will discuss and set the tone for the rest of the paper which is why you should make sure you know what kind of essay youíre writing and where you plan to go with it. A strong thesis statement is one that is focused.

Hereís an example of a thesis from what would be an argumentative essay:

Weak: Americaís food industry is to blame for a lot of our countryís issues

Strong: By promoting eating more fruits and vegetables and less meat in the American diet, we would also reduce our need for healthcare, reduce the amount of fatal diseases, reduce our carbon footprint as a nation, and create a healthier environment all around.

A weak statement will merely state a fact or create a yes/no situation. A strong one explains the paperís stance with specificity.

Essay writing is one of the most important skills for all college students to learn during their academic careers. There are a number of different kinds of essays you will be required to write throughout your years in college, and each requires a different tone and writing style in order to be effective. The style used in writing a persuasive essay, for example, will not work in an expository essay. Consider these 5 essay writing tips to write expository essays confidently in college.

Know the Format
This is one of the few writing styles in which you will be most suited to writing in the second person. Address the reader directly, as it is to him or her that you are directing your writing. In contrast, imagine the narrative essay, which is typically an account of the writerís experiences written from the first person. Expository writing has nothing to do with your personal experiences. It is about presenting information to the reader.

Be Informative
Imagine that you are a teacher giving a lesson to students who have never been instructed in this subject before. Think about what will be necessary to make an absolute beginner understand the material. Do not assume the reader has any significant prior knowledge of the subject. Stating the obvious makes you seem redundant, but omitting key information leaves holes in your essay and makes it more difficult to read.

Structure Your Writing
The structure of expository essays mimics that of most other kinds of essay writing. You will begin with an introduction that clearly states your thesis, followed by several supporting paragraphs. Each supporting paragraph should contain a point that is relevant to your thesis statement. Your expository essay does not need to be extremely long, so donít feel the need to get extremely wordy. Youíre dealing with a relatively limited topic, and there is only so much that can be said before you become redundant and boring. Inform the reader without going overboard.

Organize Your Evidence
The bulk of your essay should consist of facts or another personís point of view regarding the thesis; not your own opinions. The evidence supporting your thesis should be presented in an organized fashion, not a winding narrative. Logical support for your thesis, as well as empirical and statistical evidence work very well in the boundaries of expository essays. It is the purpose of this essay to be informative, not literary.

Set Yourself Apart
Be creative. The mark of an excellent essay is not only knowledge of the format and writing techniques, but creative use of them. Whether youíre pursuing an online MBA degree or working through a liberal arts undergraduate program, your creativity is what will set your essay writing apart from the rest of the field. Attach your own unique voice to everything that you write. Professors read dozens of similar essays constantly, and it is those that bring creativity into their writing that stand out and excel.

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