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Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! We are both excited (and a little scared) about running the BRITISH 10K on 14 July and really appreciate your donations.


Here is why we have selected MIGRANT VOICE as our charity of choice and why you should sponsor us on the BRITISH 10K RUN!!


My legs are much shorter than everyone else's and it will take me twice as much energy to get to the finish line. (Seeing me too tired to speak has to be of benefit to most of you...)

I am giving up smoking to train for this run which means I will be a healthier Dena, which I am sure you all want

Giving to a charity that supports the voices of migrants will benefit you and your local and national society

Rest assured that your donation will go towards supporting a small charity that packs a mighty punch - know your pennies wont get eaten up in conglomerate style 'administration' but will be used to support a grass roots charity make a difference in the world of migrant media

All the way through the TEN KILOMETRES what will keep me going is the knowledge that you are all behind me - figuratively speaking

Nothing can stand in the way of determination - by donating to this charity you will be running in determination with us to raise the positive profile of migration in the UK

Too much sitting on my bum is not good for me, hopefully by doing all this running I will get enough oxygen flowing too my brain that I will be a more clear headed and happy friend/family member/colleague/human being which is probably better for all of you


Victorious will be all of us when I hit that finish line as I will be running for all those who support this charity and hold this cause close to their hearts be you first/second/third/ancestor generation migrants

Of course I will forward you all a picture of my sweaty pink exhausted face when I cross the finish line so you can all see that I actually did it

Injustice for migrants is a reality of our modern day British society. Help us to raise the standard of media information and get real stories about real migration out there by donating to our charity

Come along and visit our office - as a donor we will treat you very nicely and there will always be a cup of tea and a jaffa cake awaiting you if you are ever wandering past on Ladbroke Grove

Everyone must stand together in the face of discrimination of 'the other' - we are all citizens of this world and we all deserve to have freedom of movement without persecution or targeted hatred - by standing with us you stand for the unity. 



When Dena invited me to join her on the British 10K Run, I jumped at the opportunity! I've been meaning to do something like this for ages and thought it was about time I ran for longer than 20 minutes.

As I learnt more about Migrant Voice, I became really pleased that I am running for such a small charity that does hands on work in their local community. Whilst bigger, more established charities do excellent work for great causes, I've always been a little sceptical about how money is spent, but with Migrant Voice, you can really see how every penny is needed and used.

So far, I have managed to run about about 5K, so 10K seems quite daunting!

See you red-faced on the other side.

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