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How can my pet get certified as an ESA?

A licensed mental health specialist is the only way to approve your pet as an Emotional Support Animal. You can meet the doctor personally or online through a website. In reality,  no special skills are required to certify your pet as an ESA. Furthermore, your animal pet also does not need to go through any special evaluation.

Landlords were misinformed if they need registration certificates. The only "registration" or "certification" you need is the letter from the ESA stating that you need an emotional support animal. There is no need to register your animal pet separately on any website after receiving your ESA letter. 

However, it is recommended to verify your letter if you have received it online because many companies are offering fake services and scams. The verification process is not complicated at all. You can check through an emotional support animal letter sample available on different websites.

The letter offers written evidence that you have a genuine health issue and that your companion animal can alleviate or overcome the consequences of the disease. This letter provides some legal privileges along with the protection to both individuals and disabled people.

The letter is evidence that your friendship with your dog is more than just a regular companionship contract, from flying on aircraft and having access to more apartment or house rental opportunities, and even enjoying the privileges to carry your ESA to your workplaces or educational institutes.

Why you should not get ashamed of having an ESA?

The emotional support animal is a special therapist because it is licensed by professionals in the field of clinical mental health. These animal pets are for people suffering from mental or physical disabilities.

They have proved to be beneficial in managing the stress and anxiety of these disabled persons. Furthermore, they also allow people to better cope with their situation and become a part of society. Therefore, pet owners get an opportunity to communicate with these mental patients to overcome their depression and fears.

Wanting or having an emotionally supportive animal companion in your life is nothing to be ashamed of or avoided. If you feel good by petting a puppy, cuddling a kitten, chatting to a parakeet, or feeding a lizard, you are a suitable candidate for the continuing sense of security and companionship that can only be offered by an ESA. Many companies with mental experts provide you an emotional support animal letter that identifies the symptoms of an individual being a mentally challenged person.


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