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I am a serial Entrepreneur who has the firm belief that building a business is being part of a community. I have supported and funded various charities and community projects over 17 years and even formed my very own pro bono legal Registered Charity. See: www.darrenthomasbolger.com for further information and press releases relating to my charitable work.

I have formed The Home Club, a global network of luxury brnads and High Net Worth Individuals who give back via charitable donations and vvolunteering as 'Mentors' to my Entrepreneur Apprenticeship Initiative, namely Addversity, See: www.addversity.co.uk 

My most recent work has returned to more localised 'grass roots' communities with a property and construction thread. See: www.wandsworthloftconversions.com whereby businesses pay to charities, schools, hospitals, community projects, education and other worthy causes.

I was awarded the Badge of Honour by the Rt. Hon. The Mayor of Wandsworth cllr. Nicola Nardelli in 2015 for my work in construction, apprenticeships, charity and community work and installed as Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs in 2016 at a ceremony in Guildhall in the City of London.

I support the Rt. Hon. the Lord Mayor of the City of Londons' City Giving Day and associated charities and continue to drive giving back to charity and others via the various community businesses I create.


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