Vitaliy Zakharchuk

Vitaliy Zakharchuk

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Kherson, Non-Geographical

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I am head of the youth organization "Centre of Public Programs". We are working in Kherson (Ukraine). We helping children, holding trainings, workshops, street events. Today we need $ 10,000 to maintain the our projects.

Every day we consider all possible options: we write, create projects, placing boxes for whip-round, sending letters to Kherson business structures. There is a strange trend: charges for treatment, care and support are faster and more effectively than whip-round for the introduction and the implementation of social prevention programs.
The amount of money, represented by us, is minimal. The more people who join us, the less will be the sum of money:
10 people 1000 $
100 people 100 $
1000 people 10 $
10000 people 1 $
Could you help us to realize our program?

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