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 My name is Erika, I’m working as a care assistant in one of the care homes in Edinburgh. I’ve got a lovely family, beautiful daughter and amazing husband. The reason why I have decided to joint charity sphere is because I always liked helping people, make them happy. And in the future I would like to set up a charity to help young blind people. The reason why I choose to concentrate on that particularly area is because once my eyes catch a story which was published in the newspaper. The story was about a young girl who require an urgent operation on her eyes, otherwise she will be blind.  As I like everybody else working on f/t and can’t really help her by myself. I would really appreciate if you could help me with any help you can give. I want her to see the world colourful and bright.

More informaion about that amazing family you can find below.

Many thanks

Your help is needed! We are raising funds for surgery. Friends, fellow students, colleagues, acquaintances, partners and just good people, please don‘t stay indifferent to this please for help! I‘d like to tell you about one really unique family. Life story of each member of this family is worth telling, but it has just happened so that the lives of four different people have become one. This is a story about Mom Elena, Dad Sergey , Son Anatoly and Daughter Julia. A story about  endless love of one family, for their  children. When Elena  met Sergey she already had some sad a heartbreaking relationship, that left her divorced, alone two children on her hands.  Sergey has welcomed her children like his own and a new family was born. Elena and Sergey both had jobs they loved while raising their children. Son Anatoly was their pride, and little Julia was a bittersweet joy. As an infant, Julia was diagnosed with the Down syndrome. The elating happiness that each woman feels when she gives birth to a child was darkened by the diagnosis that sounded like a verdict. 
This was a real test for the family. On one hand – the joy of a new baby,  on the other – the horror of understanding the diagnosis, anxiety of the unknown future. The parents had to visit numerous medical institutions in Lithuania, Russia, Poland, Germany, they were desperately looking seeking for answers and ways to help their baby girl. Eventually came the realization that this is their new reality and with the acceptance of it came peace. Devoted friends and family have always helped them with their warmth and support. Life went on. Elena and Sergey learned to live anew, acquitting new outlook on life. Julia starts attending kindergarten „Sakalelis” and the Center for the Disabled “LAKSTUTE”. These institutions and their staff deserve the deepest respect. According to Elena: „People touched by God work there“. The family is also blessed with excellent physicians who help lighten the heavy load off mother’s shoulders. Elena’s husband Sergey is the pillar of strength  and the best father a family can dream of. Sleepless nights slowly become more manageable, new steps, every little achievement is a battle won for little Julia. In summer  of 2011 a new strike of misfortune hit the family. Julia was diagnosed with a KERATOCONUS, a condition that leads to full blindness. Keratoconus is a degenerative dystrophic disorder of the cornea caused by constant spasms of the oblique muscles of the eye (lat. obliquus superior et inferior) resulting in distortion of the cornea and eye tissue disintegration, as a result it gets more fragile. The excess pressure inside the eye causes the cornea to protrude taking a parabolic form (the doctors say – cone-shaped). The optical system of the eye is based on regular spherical surfaces. A parabolic surface moves the focus of an image significantly thus distorting it. В Very often a patient eventually gets blind. Julia needs an expensive and complex surgery  Due to her disability parents had to take her to Munich for it. All the family, friends, former students provided huge financial  and moral support. Julia had surgery of both eyes called CROSSLINKING and after the surgery she needs to take  medicines. . Unfortunately, the disease continues to progress even after the surgery. Both eyes are affected , left (10%), and (16%)right one. On January 10, 2012 the family took another trip to a hospital and the professor together with an optician decided to try and alleviate the situation by wearing hard, tailor-made contact lenses. Still, despite the lenses, the left eye keeps deforming and now the girl needs urgent  cornea transplant  on the left eye. The last stroke of fate was the hardest for Elena and Sergey, they keep up the fight for their daughter’s health. I am amazed by these people’s faith, courage and stamina, by the way they struggle with fate for health of their beloved daughter! A lot of money has been already spent for Julia’s treatment, she needs another surgery which needs to be performed soon as possible and which would cost enormous 10 000 Euro, unbearable amount for the family. Although the doctors cannot guarantee that the girl will see, it would be inhumane to leave her without this the eyes sight only because the funds ran out and government doesn’t compensate this surgery. Sometimes very little is needed in order to give someone a chance. I hope this story will not go unnoticed and your hearts will be touched enough to make a step towards saving a girl’s eyesight. Any donation small or large will make a difference. We ask you for your help.
 Many thanks



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