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At Clinger Holsters We focus On Absolute Concealment

Our holsters can conceal big handguns easily. Clinger Holsters can make small to medium-sized guns simply disappear.

Our Patent-Pending “Cling Tab” System

We have patents pending on our “Cling Tab” system in our “No-Print Wonder” & “Ultra-Conceal OWB” holsters. The stiff “Cling Tab” pulls your pistol grip in close to your body while the “Flex Tab” flexes around your waist.

This innovative design pulls the pistol grip in closer than any other holster on the market. When it comes to Concealed Carry, everybody knows that the grip is the hardest part of the pistol to conceal.

Our Stingray Holsters will always have the belt clip mounted as close to the grip as possible. We don’t mount the belt clip over the slide like most holster companies do. It’s easier to make a holster that way but it’s not the best way to conceal a pistol. Your pistol will be tucked in closer to your side when the belt clip is actually close to your pistol grip.

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