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During the last couple of months, my friend Krish, his dad Dr Raj, my dad and I decided to set ourselves to accomplish the 'Three Peaks Challenge' for charity. The challenge consists of 25 miles/40 km of hill walking and requires intense training in order to complete it. The training is mainly focused on general fitness and mountain endurance fitness, with the endurance fitness being much more strenuous. Despite the hurdles we have come across we have remained determined to complete this challenge for charity. 

The charity my dad and I have chosen is called St Jude India (a.k.a St Judes). The charity provides  support of a well-established model of cost-free, holistic care for families who have travelled 100's of miles from distant towns and villages in India to seek cancer treatment for their children. The hospitals do not treat family members as inpatients during the treatment process and these needy families cannot find suitable accomodation whenever the child is not admitted to hospital. This often results in families living on the street or returning home before treatment is finished. However St Judes prevents this.

The centres provide families, free of charge, with:

  • Housing

  • Nutritional support

  • Transportation to and from the hospital

  • Counselling for the family and new skills for income generation

  • Educational and recreational activities

  • Art-based therapy, music therapy and yoga

 St Judes webiste:

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