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When I was thirteen years old I wrote to the Royal College of Psychiatrists asking how I could become a psychiatrist. They wrote back instructing: science A levels,  qualify in medicine, work as a doctor in medicine and surgery for a year, join a psychiatry training rotation and pass the MRCPsych (curriculum enclosed). I was so pleased that someone had bothered to reply and take my request seriously my career path was set, with a brief expedition into social anthropology along the way. So by raising money for the College Volunteer Scheme providing training for health professionals in other countries maybe I'll help inspire others to a career in mental health. Still an eternal optimist...

Please sponsor me for these events and raise money for the Royal College of Psychiatrists Volunteer Scheme that supports mental health care across the world, focusing on countries with a shortage of resources and training for health professionals. You can read more about the work of the College Volunteers Scheme here:

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