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Hello! My name is Christina Jesse, I go by my middle name Michelle though. I'm 20 years old and from Texas, USA. My spark of interest in charities in the UK is due in part of my Aunt who resides over there, as well as my boyfriend. However that isn't my only reason for becoming a part of this site, I really love being able to help others and always wanted to take part in charity, especially with animals on account of my giant soft spot for them. I currently am hoping to find a charity that would be able to sponsor me with a Tier 5 visa in the United Kingdom to do volunteer work for a period of about 12 months. I've only begun my search and hope to find somewhere that I can work my hardest volunteering in the UK and help out with what I can. In the meantime I am planning on saving my money here in the US so that I can make donations to numerous charities. As for more about myself there isn't much but I'm a quiet person and I love serving and helping people, especially since my job gives me that opportunity. Even with my job in helping others, I still would love to take part in a charity so if anybody reads this and would happen to know of a charity or more information on finding sponsorship I would be so incredibly greatful!

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