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I am currently working full time for ARUP in Shirley as a Second Line Support engineer and have always had a passion for IT and technology ever since I was young.

In 2010 I spent a year volunteering for a charity called The Feast as their IT Suppport Engineer which was purchasing IT kit in accordance to requirements and looking up the best kit wanted against budgets and funding at that time.

I was also responsible for assisting with mailing lists and social media techniques with aim to improve and increase the the awareness of the charity wider than it was when it began.

I have also been a great support with technical issues when their IT kit has gone wrong or has required replacement after 3-5year span of windows machines.

I am now looking for a similar roll now that I have a lot more time on my hands evenings after 5:30 and weekends. I want to be able to bless a chairty with my time and skills and to be able to have something to get my teeth into and to be excited again by helping people

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