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Chloe Simpson

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My name is Chloe Simpson, I am 27 years old. I grew up in Sydney, Australia. I moved to New York city 4 years ago, where I worked for a fashion company as a Stylist and Fashion Buyer.

I decided to move to London 10 months ago, I am very happy with my decision. 

I grew up in a big familly. One of my sisters has cerebral palsy, so as a teenager I organized many fundraisers to help her school for the disabled afford the necessary equipment.

My other sister has 6 children, I lived with her and offered a helping hand for some time before moving continents.

My upbringing has given me the experience with disablities and children.

I am a kind, passionate, patient and loving person. Above all I have a great ability to raise money and know the right people. I would love to use these qualities to make a difference and help people.  

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