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Hi! My name is Chloe jackson and I was selected within a goup of ten people in my year group at The King's School, Ottery St Mary, to attend the Sixth Form trip to Ethiopia in Febuary 2015. We worked really hard to fundraise for this trip, to enable us to go out and visit our link schools so we could provide them with new school and sports equiptment as well as teaching them as much about our culture. We also planned to teach them valuable lessons about sex education and also have the amqazing opportunity to immerse ourselves in their culture.

However, to all of our great dissapoint, the trip had to be cancelled due to terrorist warnings in nearby area's. Luckily though we are now planning a new and exciting trip- to an area in Southern India! We plan to spend most our week volunterring in a children's home where we will take out equiptment and help participate in theteaching of lessons as well as extra activities involving sports and teamwork. We also plan to visit a tribal community, so that we can have a chance to experience a culture which is completley different from our own. Unfortunatle, we lost some of the money we previously fundraised within our local area because of the coach and flight costs.

So, we have many plans to continue our fundraising but if anyone thinks they could help in any way, we would be entirely grateful. Also, if anyone has any ideas on what we could do to fundraise then please contact me-

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