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                                                                 I'm Chelsea :)

I'm 20 years old and love making people happy! I became a carer for the elderly suffering with dementia when I was 18 years old, since then I've known I want to do all I can to make other peoples lives just a little bit better. Theres nothing worse than seeing someone in need and not knowing what to do to help them or being unable to help, thats where incredible charities like Cancer Research UK, Dementia UK, Macmillan Cancer Relief, RSPCA, the British Red Cross, NSPCC and so many more come in. Dedicated and passionate people being there and helping billions of others on a daily basis. I'm far from fit (still keeping my gym membership card in my purse despite cancelling it months ago) however I love a challenge, the 10K Race for Life for Cancer Research being one of them but if it all goes towards a wonderful cause then why not give it a go?! I'd like to start doing more and raising more for charity with the help of my wonderful family and friends!

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