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On the 1st of May 2015 I have decided to take on the challenge of running from Karratha to Perth a total of 1550km in order to raise money for the Black Dog Institute. I have chosen this charity because I see suicide and depression as a major issue and love the work the black dog institute does to help address it. Those that have the “black dog” or no someone suffering from it will know it’s a very hard time and you won’t always know how to manage it. The Black Dog Institute carries out research to prevent and reduce depression and assist with those suffering while also providing knowledge and advice to those who are concerned about a loved one.

 Everybody is entitled to and deserves a happy life! Nobody should choose to leave this world through the act of suicide. “Everybody deserves peace of mind” that’s what the Black Dog Institute stands for, that’s what I stand for and that is what I’m willing to run 1550km for.

Please give whatever you can spare; every cent is going towards helping a life through research, advice and providing support.


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