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Best List of Role-playing Games to Play on Any Android Devices
If youíre interested in role-playing games - both offline or online - read this article for more information. You will find out the best packages for Android. 
Role-playing is one of the most special categories in the world of gaming. It is not the most popular genre, but itís certainly one of the most interesting ones. 
You are able to join in an epic journey and adventure with the battle of heroes and warriors. Moreover, no one can resist the attractiveness of the great graphics, which are very eye-catching. 
Of course, the more you play RPG, the more you will become absorbed in this kind of game. As a result, I am going to introduce some of the best role-playing games in a moment. 
With this top list, you can identify some new amazing games to enjoy during your free time. All of them are very fascinating and thrilling to try at least once. Letís check it out!
Here is a list of awesome role-playing games
Best Role-playing Games for Android Devices
Tiny Dice Dungeon
The first name on the top free role-playing games is Tiny Dice Dungeon. This game starts with the 8-bit quest plus the tiny heroes as the main characters. 
These little heroes are going to defeat the dungeons and steal the treasure in the end. The players need to beat the evil monster to make the huge army in the dungeon walls. 
During your gameplay, you can take the unique items and roll the dice in a wise way. By doing this, you can battle your way and go through a very epic journey by yourself. 
You can see a leaderboard on this game, which is going to boost your performance to all of your friends. This is a truly exciting and interesting game to try. 
Maiden: Legacy of the Beast
Some people may wonder: ĎIs Maiden a real game?í. Or are we going through a movie?
This top role-playing game for Android will give you an amazing experience of coming into Eddieís shoes. And then, you can compete in an adventure with different kinds of enemies. 
Moreover, Maiden is created with the guitar music, so every stage is very thrilling and breathtaking. There are, besides, a number of famous characters such as Warriors, Magus, and so on. 
I have to say that this game is a clever mix of classical insane music and impressive graphics. 
These role-playing games will bring you great experience
Inotia 4
Number three is Inotia 4. This role-playing game is designed with a similar format to any other RPG game. You will step into a fantasy world to deal with various adventures. 
In particular, you can choose from 6 classes during the game. Every class will offer very distinct and special abilities, which help you defeat your evil enemies. 
This game is telling you a story of the fight between the light and the dark. As a result, you need to go around over 400 maps to complete your task. 
In the end, you need to take down the most enormous monster and fulfill your quest. Once your task is done, you can earn a win with this wonderful game. 
Zenonia 4
I am sure that many fans of Zenonia have been expecting the Android version of this RPG. It offers the glorious HD graphics and a touching story in overall. 
Also, you can personalize your heroes and then become a force to take down the evils. You need to stop the evil from destroying the modern world. 
At the same time, you can grab a chance to defeat the other players in the intense battle. Zenonia 4 provides every player with numerous weapons. You can use either of them to make your character more outstanding. 
This game has a number of difficulty levels so that you can feel free to challenge your skills. There is nothing much to say about this game, but Zenonia is worth trying as an amazing offline RPG. 
There is no doubt why it is considered one of the best role-playing game for Android devices. 
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Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius
For anyone loving the magical world, Final Fantasy is a perfect piece for you. This is also a battle between white and dark. You can become immersed in the world of crystal heroes and breathtaking adventure. 
For every game, you will turn into two warriors whose duties are to take down the evil threat. The rules are very simple, but you will still find this game interesting. 
The graphics are very beautiful with the handcrafted characters. As a consequence, Final Fantasy will be memorable story for all players. 
Hence, do not hesitate anymore to join this epic role-playing game! Also, make sure to call one of your friends to help you with this interesting battle. 
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Dungeon Boss
Moving to the next game is Dungeon Boss. This is a turn-based battle, with the main target is to find out who is the real boss. 
In order to increase your rank, you need to take down another player and get their dungeon. When you earn enough resources, you can power up your characters. 
After that, you can compete with the other bigger threat in the game. With Dungeon Boss, you are the one to kill the others. Otherwise, you will be killed. 
Experiencing the vast dungeons during the gameplay is very exciting. If you can defeat the biggest boss in the end, it will be the best thing ever. 
But an important tip for every player is that you need to move your warrior in a clever way. By doing this, you can control your hero to the perfect location and earn a win in the end. 
Last but not least, donít miss a new awesome site for downloading the hottest role-playing games
In summary, I hope that this role-playing game list will maximize your satisfaction. If you are a big fan of RPG, this is the right place for you. 
However, in case you have any other better idea for this aspect, please feel free to share your secret with me anytime. 

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