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I am a 22 year old french girl and I live in Amiens, a French city.

I have just finished my studies (in communication) and I would like to go abroad to work or volunteering in an English country. I think it would be a very enriching experience both on professional and personal plan for me. On one hand I would gain in skills and improve my English level and on the other hand, I would discover a new country, its culture and inhabitants and why not share my own culture with people I will meet there.

I am a creative girl, and I like culture and arts. I do photography, crafts, I like reading and listening music and I play the clarinet for 14 years now. I like to go to the theatre, exhibitions, concerts...

I have good interpersonal skills, and I listen a lot to the other people.

I made studies in communication : I have a bachelor in communication and advertising named "advertising management" from the "Ecole supérieure de publicité" of Paris.

So if you have any offer for me, do not hesitate !!

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