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Hi everyone! Preparing for college is a huge task that should not be taken lightly nor left until the second semester of a high school studentís senior year to investigate.  Now more than ever, universities are seeing record attendance rates as most students plan to extend their educational career with a two- or four-year degree.  Admissions have become quite competitive and students are encouraged to have two or three schools they can see themselves attending.  But how should a high school student prepare for college with buying a term paper and when should this preparation begin?  This task is quite overwhelming, as many teenagers wish to enjoy their high school career without the burden of deciding their future; however, this task is of extreme importance and should not be taken lightly. 

A high school student should begin planning his or her advancement into higher education upon entering his or her freshman year.  By doing things as simple as carefully outlining which courses should be taken or what activities to participate in, this planning can seem simple.  If there is a particular institution a student shows interest in attending, begin looking at the admission requirements.  

This is an excellent motivational tool for students who may question the importance of studying and their academics.

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