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CallKirana is an Indian online grocery store and kirana shopping. That is developed with a vision to fulfill your daily kirana needs in a simple & convenient way! Here you can call us on +91 9252690000 or simple online order through our website or WhatsApp(+917685858501) us your order directly. We give you the hot deals on kirana products with a bigger discount every day.

Fast & Safe Delivery

CallKirana provides a fast & easy delivery way for customers & also optimize the dispatch process to increase conversions & improve product delivery. online grocery store in Jaipur

Hot Deals Every Day

Call Kirana gives you a big discount on each product every day & also provide high-quality products of trusted brands at a cheap price. Call Kirana gives convenient ways to shop & delivers a seamless checkout across desktop, mobile and through WhatsApp directly. it easy for customers to make purchases.

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