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I'm currently in Turkey, I work in customs but I have a real passion for working with children!

I often take my nieces and nephews to play football, but they are becoming better at it than me! I also work in a hotel in the summer ( I know i know, Turkish man working in a hotel) but here i get to organise games and activities for children during the day, and even try to find games the older children at the hotel will enjoy too!

I've been to the UK a few times on a tourist visa, but I really would love to come over for longer and support a charity (so a little but not much assistant would be needed with a volunteers visa). It would give me the chance to develop my skills working with children whilst exploring the UKs rich culture. I'd also get to practice my english too!

Don't hesitate to contact me if you think I can help by volunteering, I'm eager to learn and aid the work of charities.


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