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Carol Dove

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coalpit heath, Bristol

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My friend and I started Bullfish Charity Fayres in late 2012. We are a non profit organisation which organises and runs craft and pamper fairs for charity around Bristol and Southglos.

My friend is a Phoenix Trader and I design and make unique jewellery. We have been around the craft circuit for a while.

We wanted to try and give craft fair customers a wide variety of goods to choose from and some therapies that they could try. We want to give the stall holders as good an environment as we can, where thay can enjoy their day and hopefully make some money.

We both sell our own items, which is where we make our money, while at the same time raising some much needed funds for the local charitys in the area.

We are both passionate about protecting pets and wildife and we both volunteer at various organisations. I am a member of FOSS -friends of southglos strays.

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